Our products are sourced in good working order; so when we say refurbished we do not mean it was broken and we fixed it! Most of our equipment is taken from a desk in a large corporate or public sector department before being refurbished. Some of our items are sourced from our manufacturer or retail partners. No matter where we source our goods from we have a strict grading policy which is detailed below. We believe in being more open and honest with you, the customer, about our products. We get regular feedback from our customers with how much better condition their products were than they thought they would be!


All our grades of equipment are covered by the same warranty
Please see the below for terms with notes
Please note System Restore discs and Manuals are NOT provided with our equipment


Grade A 
This grade represents the majority of our range – you get a fully working machine with minimal marks or damage at an amazing price…. we use these in the office!


Please note that only one of the below faults may exist; not all!
No Broken parts
May have light cosmetic damage.